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Motorola confirms Edge X30 Pro and Razr 3 launch date

We are going to see many new phones in the rest of this year. And it's going to start early next month.

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Two interesting Motorola phones are also set to release next month. These are Motorola Razr 3 and Edge 30 Ultra.

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Motorola is hosting a launch event for the two anticipated phones next month. Here's when it's happening.

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A few days back it was rumored that the Motorola launch event might get delayed. But its not.

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Motorola is hosting an event in China on August 2. And the Razr 3 and Moto X30 Pro / Edge 30 Ultra will be announced at the event.

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Motorola canceled the launch event for both the Razr 2022 and Edge X30 Pro. Swipe up this page to know more.

Update: 2nd August

Since the launch event is in China, these devices will be launched in China first and later globally.

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Moto X30 Pro will be the first 200MP phone. Whereas the Razr 3 will be a big upgrade over the last Razr phone.

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