Ashutosh Singh

Motorola Edge 50 Series launch set for April 16

April 10, 2024

Motorola recently launched its latest mid-range phone Edge 50 Pro in India.

And the new Motorola phone is now officially set for launch in Europe on April 16.

In this event, Motorola will launch two more phones along with Motorola Edge 50 Pro.

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These will be Motorola Edge 50 Pro, Motorola Edge 50 Fusion, and the Motorola Edge 50 Ultra.

Motorola Edge 50 Ultra will be the flagship phone in the series, while the Edge 50 Pro is the mid tier between other two phones.

The Motorola Edge 50 Ultra is said to come with Snpdragon 8s Gen 3 SoC and three rear cameras.

Motorola Edge 50 Ultra could be available in United States later with Motorola Edge+ 2024 or Edge Ultra 2024 branding.

IMG: Android Headlines

The Ultra is said to come with price tag of $999, Edge 50 Pro to cost €699, and Edge 50 Fusion will cost around $300.