Ashutosh Singh

Moto Razr+ loses to Galaxy Z Flip 5 in Intense Hinge Test

August 3, 2023

Currently, the two best clamshell phones are probably the Motorola Razr+ and the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5.

Both are the latest generation flip phones in their series and come with big cover screens, improved hinges, and more.

Since both clamshells are competitors, we would be seeing a bunch of tests comparison to find which phone wins.

A YouTube channel named 'Mrkeybrd' takes the comparison to another level. 

The Mrkeybrd team is conducting manual hinge testing on the Razr+ and Flip 5 with actual humans performing thousands of folds by hands.

The Moto Razr+ is the first to face issues in the hinge, near the 43,810th fold. In the video, the defect can be seen for the first time during the 43,822nd fold.

But it became more noticeable after the 43,860th fold. The two halves were not closing completely, leaving a wide gap between them.

However, the Moto Razr+ phone was still working despite the issue with the hinge, while the Galaxy Z Flip 5 maintained its shape.

At the time of writing, the test is still ongoing and it can go for another day. But at the time you check the story it might have ended so make sure to check conclusion in the video.