Leak Dump of the Apple Watch Series 7


Apple Watch is all set to get a major redesign, with the seventh iteration.

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IMG: Front Page Tech

This year’s Apple Watch Series 7 will look so much different from Series 6.

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Previously, the Apple Watch has always been progressing in terms of its internals, but this time it’s different.

Flat Edges

It will have flat edges similar to the iPad Pro and the iPhone 12 Series.

IMG: Front Page Tech

Flat Display

Apart from the edges, even the screen of the watch will be flattened. Making it more in line with other Apple products. The future is flat surfaces.

IMG: Front Page Tech

The Display

The Series 7 will also rock a larger display than its predecessor. The Series 6 had a 1.68-inch screen and the 7 is reported to have a 1.7-inch screen.

IMG: 91Mobiles

The Speaker

Instead of the small side-by-side slits, there’s going to be two large slits one above the other on the left side of the watch.

IMG: Front Page Tech

IMG: Front Page Tech

The Series 7 will also feature the infamous ultra-wideband technology to make it compatible with Apple’s “Find-My” network.



The Series 7 is expected to be announced alongside the iPhone 13 in September.

IMG: 91Mobiles

We’re very excited, and hope you are too.