Ashutosh Singh

Aug 21, 2022

Is Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 compatible with iPhone?

Samsung's latest smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch 5 series is now available. The watch comes with wearOS.

IMG: Unsplash

Last year's model Galaxy Watch 4 is not compatible with iPhones, although older Galaxy Watches are compatible with iPhones.

But what about the new Galaxy Watch 5 series. Let's find out whether it is compatible with iOS devices or not.

No, Galaxy Watch 5 series is not compatible with iPhone and iPad. No reason was given by Samsung.

Galaxy Watch 5 only supports Android phones running Android 8 or newer version. RAM requirement is at least 1.5GB.

Some features are only available with Samsung Galaxy. So you might not be able to use some health features on non-Galaxy phones.

Samsung Health App is also required on Android phones to use health features of Galaxy Watch 5.

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