Ashutosh Singh

iPhones will get under display Face ID but not anytime soon

April 5, 2023

Apple takes it slow when it comes to implementing innovations on its devices. Apple brings new innovations after testing in several stages.

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Last year, Apple introduced Dynamic Island on its Pro models and the new implementation became an instant hit.

Apple has various plans for the coming years. One is that Face ID will move under display and eventually camera will also move under display.

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Ross Young, a popular display supply chain analyst shared a roadmap that shows iPhone display innovation for years to come.

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Roadmap shows that Apple will move the Face ID to under display with iPhone 17 Pro which will launch in 2025. It means after more than two years.

IMG: Ross Young (Twitter)

Earlier it was being said that under-display Face ID would come with the iPhone 16 Pro, but it got delayed by a year due to sensor issues.

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2023 and 2024: Pill 2025 and 2026: Under panel Face ID + Hole 2027: Under panel Face ID + Under Panel Camera

Here’s how the roadmap looks for Pro Models:

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2023: Pill, LTPS 2024: Pill, LTPS 2025: Pill, LTPO 2026: Pill, LTPO 2027: Under panel Face ID + hole, LTPO

Roadmap for Non-Pro models:

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