Ashutosh Singh

iPhone 19 Pro could be the first all screen iPhone

Dec 10, 2023

After a long time, Apple replaced the big notch from iPhone Pro models last year with pill-shaped notch, Dynamic Island.

This year, with iPhone 15 series, Apple added dynamic island to all models including base models.

IMG: Unsplash

But the dynamic island still takes big space on iPhone and it’s going to stick for a few more years.

As per TheElec report, LG Innotec has begin the advanced development of Under Display camera which maybe for iPhones.

IMG: Unsplash

The report suggests that the first iPhone with an under-display camera may arrive after 2026.

Earlier this year, DSCC CEO Ross Young also suggested that the all-screen iPhone could launch in 2027.

If Apple continues to launch iPhones every year with same iteration, iPhone 19 will launch in 2027.

As usual, Pro models will first adopt the new design and non-Pro models will follow the year after.

IMG: Unsplash