Ashutosh Singh

iPhone 16 to come with some exclusive AI Features

Nov 13, 2023

Apple released its latest iPhone models just two months ago. And the leaks of the upcoming iPhone 16 series are already emerging.

Thanks to these leaks we can know what can be expected from the device. There are some recent leaks from trusted source that you should know about.

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This comes from Mark Gurman in his latest newsletter on Bloomberg. His predictions on Apple devices are correct most of the time, if not every time.

According to him, the iPhone 16 will come with some exclusive AI features. And these features are going to be the main selling point.

AI is growing at a much faster rate. Every tech company is trying to integrate AI features on their devices.

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Google added AI features to its latest flagship Pixel 8 series. And Samsung is rumored to include AI features in the Galaxy S24 series.

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Apple is not going to be left behind as the company is also planning to include new generative AI features in iPhone 16 or maybe in the upcoming iOS 18 too.

In the report there are no information on which AI features will be included, but we can expect features like text to image generation, real time translation and more.

Since the AI features are going to be main selling point for iPhone 16, we are not expecting any major hardware changes.

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