Ashutosh Singh

iPhone 16 lineup sizes compared side by side in a picture

April 29, 2024

iPhone 16 is the next upcoming iPhone series and just like last year, there will be four models in the series.

IMG: Unsplash | iPhone 14 Plus

There is still a few months before the iPhone 16 series launch. But leaks and rumors keep the fun going.

IMG: Unsplash | iPhone 15

A new leak shows all four iPhone 16 models in a side by side comparison.

IMG: Sonny Dickson

The leaked image shows all four models from rear. This includes non-pro models with new rear camera placements.

IMG: Unsplash | iPhone 14 Pro

The base model, iPhone 16’s display measures 6.1-inch. The iPhone 16 Pro has 6.3-inch display.

IMG: Sonny Dickson

Third biggest in the series to be iPhone 16 Plus with display size of 6.7-inch. And the iPhone 16 Pro Max to come with 6.9-inch display.

IMG: Unsplash

As rumored before, the picture shows non-pro models with vertical rear camera setups like iPhone X.

IMG: Unsplash

The LED light is outside the camera island leaving only two cameras inside the island.

IMG: Sonny Dickson