Ashutosh Singh

iPhone 15 Pro Max may feature thinnest bezels on any phone

March 18, 2023

Smartphones have changed a lot over the years in terms of performance as well as design.

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From having wide bezels on the top, bottom and sides, every smartphone company is now reducing the bezels with each new generation.

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Xiaomi 13 is currently the thinnest bezel phone in the market. Its bezel measures 1.81mm. The Galaxy S23 Ultra bezels measure 1.95mm.

The latest iPhone 15 Pro Max leak suggests that it will take the crown of thinnest bezels among smartphones.

IMG: 9to5Mac

IMG: 9to5Mac x IanZelbo

The popular leakster, Ice Universe shared a Tweet that includes the rumored iPhone 15 Pro Max bezel size.

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As per the leak iPhone 15 Pro Max will have bezels measuring only 1.55mm.

If no other phones with bezels less than 1.55mm launched before iPhone 15 Pro Max, it is going to be the thinnest bezel smartphone.

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It's good to know that iPhone 15 Pro Max will feature thinnest bezels, but, the yesterday's leak was a shocker for Apple fans as the company is planning for a price hike.

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