Ashutosh Singh

iPhone 14 series tipped to have Bigger Battery

iPhone 14 series is one of the most awaited phone series of this year and is expected to release in October.

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There are still a few months left for the release but its leaks started coming out long before the release of iPhone 13.

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The new iPhone 14 leak is about its battery specs. Let’s find out about the iPhone 14 series battery details.

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Apple has significantly improved its battery in the iPhone 13 series and according to new leaks, the iPhone 14 series could have an even bigger battery.

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iPhone 14 - 3279mAh iPhone 14 Pro - 3200mAh iPhone 14 Max - 4325mAh iPhone 14 Pro Max - 4323mAh


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As we get closer to the release date of the iPhone 14, we are getting more leaks and these leaks are very likely to be true including this one.

IMG: 91Mobiles

Many information related to the iPhone 14 series, including the new pill shape notch design, has already been revealed.


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