Ashutosh Singh

iPhone 14 latest price leak brings good news

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iPhone 14 is the upcoming iPhone series that is expected to launch as early as next month.

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iPhone 14 leak continues with new price leak. Here's how much iPhone 14 will cost as per the leak.

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The leak came from yeux1122, an account in the Naver blog. The iPhone 14 will cost the same as the iPhone 13 base model.

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So the base price of iPhone 14 will be $799. This will be the lowest price of the iPhone 14 as Apple will not bring Mini model this year.

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The blog mentions that the source of the leak has 90% accuracy. So this could be the price with which Apple will launch the iPhone 14.

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Since the iPhone 14 will come with a similar design and almost identical specs, it justifies the expectations of similar pricing.

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Pro variants will include some exclusive features and changes, so the prices may increase, but this is just a prediction from my side.

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