Haneet Singh

Aug 23, 2022

iOS 16: What Privacy features are coming to iPhone?

With every iOS update, Apple release some new privacy features to iPhones. And the forth-coming iOS 16 is no different.

iOS 16 boasts a bunch of privacy and some security tools are super useful. Here’s everything new in the privacy.

Recently Deleted albums and Hidden Photos folder are locked by default and can be accessed after authenticated using Face ID or passcode.

Locked Albums

Security and Incremental updates are two different things now. Security updates can be pushed even if incremental update is not ready.

Rapid Security Upgrades

Face ID finally gets a much-needed landscape mode support, although, the availability is limited to iPhone 13 series only.

Landscape Face ID

Apple adds Passkey to the iOS 16 to replace the traditional passwords, brings a simple and secure way to sign in to apps and websites.


Safety Check help users quickly revoke access granted to people and apps with two options - Emergency Reset and Manage Sharing & Access.

Safety Check

iOS 16 brings Lockdown Mode with Extreme Level of security. The feature is designed especially for journalists, activists, and others.

Lockdown Mode

Apps in iOS 16 need permission before accessing the clipboard to paste the content from another app.

Pasteboard Permissions

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