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How to view locked Hidden album on iPhone

Nov 27, 2022

iOS 16 is a feature-packed upgrade for iPhones, it not only brings redesigned lock screen but, also comes with a flurry of other features.

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iOS 16 bring a bunch of new features to the Photos app as well, including the batch edit tool, lock hidden albums, and more.

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On iOS 16 running iPhones, hidden album is locked by default. Here's how you can view locked hidden album on your iPhone.

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Open Photos app on your iPhone, then tap albums and swipe down to the end.

Lets Begin

Select Hidden album under utilities section, it will scan your face (on iPhones with Face ID) or you can enter passcode.

Open Settings on your iPhone, then find Photos and tap on it.

How to Turn it on or off

Under Albums section, there's an option "Use Face ID" turn the toggle off or on if disabled and you want to use it.

With the new feature activated, if someone near you finds your unlocked iPhone, then they won’t be able to access hidden albums.

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