Ashutosh Singh

Sep 18, 2022

How to use Dynamic Island on iPhone 14 Pro

The new iPhone 14 Pro models come with Dynamic Island which looks attractive, thanks to its link to user interface.

Dynamic Island is the new feature for everyone. Here’s how to use Dynamic Island on iPhone 14 Pro models.

It can show app activities, live status, and services such as connecting to AirPods, charging and more.

How to use

When a supported app or service is started, the activity will automatically appear in Dynamic Island.

Touch and hold the movement on the dynamic island will bring up a large window with controls. And single tap will open respective app.

When there is more than one supported instance running, Dynamic Island will show two or more different activities.

Dynamic Island can show Now playing music, Timer, Live scores, Incoming/Outgoing calls, AirPods status, and many other activities.

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