Ashutosh Singh

How to use Astrophoto feature on Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

March 1, 2023

Samsung recently refreshed its S series lineup by introducing the Galaxy S23 series. The series includes Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+ and Galaxy S23 Ultra.

All the three phones in the series come with top-notch camera specifications. And the Galaxy S23 Ultra is on a whole other level.

If you want to take advantage of advanced camera setups to capture the night sky, here are some tips from expert Michael Scheinblum.

Samsung shares a video tutorial on capturing Night Sky shot, explained in detail by Michael Sheinblum .

- First, download the Expert RAW app on your phone from Galaxy Store. - Fix your phone to tripod for steady shot.

Lets Begin

Open Expert Raw app and go to Settings and select to save pictures in RAW format. Also enable special photo option.

Go back to Expert RAW main page and tap the Astrophoto icon. Choose the time and choose the Sky to hide or show. More time means better astrophoto effect.

Now choose the Wide lens or other lens that you want. For best photo set the focus to 0.9. You can change the value as per your preference.

Then tap the shutter button and wait for the process. Once done you can view amazing photos.