How To Unlock iPhone

While Wearing A Face Mask

Apple recently pushed the iOS 14.5 Beta update that allows users to unlock their iPhones without removing Face Mask. And here you will know how to enable this feature on your iPhone.

As most iPhones uses face id for unlocking the phone. And to unlock iPhones we have to remove the mask to get the device open. But now we don’t have to waste time on removing masks.

You need an Apple watch with watchOS 7.4 or newer (including beta). An iPhone with iOS 14.5 or newer (including beta) A Mask at least for testing and follow the steps exactly as mentioned.

Open Settings on your iPhone running iOS 14.5 update or newer. And then head over to Face ID & Passcode. Enter the passcode to access the required settings.

Now in the next page, scroll down until you see Unlock with Apple Watch. It will show your Apple Watch, so enable the toggle next to the watch name. And that’s it.

Make sure you are wearing your Apple Watch or you are near to Apple Watch. And then you can unlock your iPhone while wearing the Mask. You can also lock your iPhone directly from Apple Watch.

Although you can unlock your iPhone with Face Mask, your data will be secure like payments, some settings, and other critical data. So you don’t need to worry about security.