Haneet Singh

Sep 17, 2022

How to take 48MP photos on iPhone 14 Pro

Apple announced the new 14-series "Pro" iPhones with the new Dynamic Island and a 48MP camera sensor.

The new camera array boasts a 48MP wide camera alongside the 12MP telephoto and ultra-wide-angle sensors.

The 48MP functionality is not enabled by default on the new iPhone 14 Pro, here's how you can take 48MP photos.

Enable 48MP Mode

To enable 48MP mode on iPhone 14 Pro models, open Settings and then go to Camera followed by Formats.

Now enable the toggle for Apple ProRAW in Formats. Below you will see 48MP. You can also change it to 12MP.

Once 48MP ProRAW enabled, open Camera app on your iPhone 14 Pro. And you will now see RAW option.

Tap on the RAW to enable it and now you can use your camera to take 48MP photos.

Remember 48MP photos can take around 75MB space or even more. So use it only when you need details in photos.

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