Ashutosh Singh

How to Stack Widgets on Samsung Galaxy Phones

Feb 19, 2023

When it comes to customization on Android, there are a bunch of options to choose from including wallpapers, widgets, icons, themes, and more.

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Android OEMs start adopting the widget stacking feature available on the iOS. Samsung too brings it on Galaxy phones.

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Widget stacking comes in handy when you want more informative tabs or widgets on your home screen but are unable to do so due to less space.

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Samsung introduced this feature to its devices with the One UI 5 update. Here's how to stack widgets on a Samsung phone.

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Touch and hold the home screen and then select Widget option.

Lets Begin

Add the preferred widget to your home screen.

Now touch and hold the widget and select Create Stack and choose another widget to display on top of previous widget.

To add third or more widget in the same stack, touch and hold the widget and choose Edit Stack and then + icon.

To navigate between these widgets swipe left or right in the widget stack. You can tap and hold on it if you want to remove it.