Ashutosh Singh

Sep 3, 2022

How to set up Google Assistant on Galaxy Watch 5

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is the latest smartwatch series from the company and comes with a few upgrades.

Unlike the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, the Galaxy Watch 5 comes with Google Assistant pre-installed.

Obviously, it is not enabled by default and not visible in App drawer. You need to enable it manually.

In this story, you can check how to set up Google Assistant on Galaxy Watch 5.

Press the home button on your watch, then open Play Store from App Drawer. Now choose My Apps.

Let's Begin!

Now select Google Assistant, then update it. Once updated, tap on the open button.

Next choose Get Started > Open on phone to activate. The setup will trigger on your phone.

If it doesn't trigger assistant setup then uninstall Google app update from play store. Now trigger again from watch and tap Continue on Play Store.

Follow the on-screen instructions and in the last it will show your Assistant is ready. Now you can use Google Assistant on your Watch.

To set Google Assistant as default Assistant. Go to Settings > Apps > Choose Default Apps > Digital Assistant > Google Assistant.

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