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How to set a new Theme on your iPhone

Want a new look on your iPhone? Here's a step by step story on how you can set a new theme on your iPhone.

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At first, you need to download an app, called, Moloko - themes & icons. It's available on the App Store. Now open the app.

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Let's Begin!

There are a bunch of themes to choose from, tap on the theme you want to use for your iPhone's home screen.

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Now tap on the download option, it will then install a theme profile on your iPhone, tap on the allow button.

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To install the Profile, head over to the settings app and follow the steps shown in our video.

Video Courtesy: YTECHB.com

Now go back to the home screen of your iPhone to check the new icons.

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New Look is here!

If you want to disable Shortcut animations, then go to the Settings > Accessibility > Per App Settings > then Delete.

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Disable Animations

Now enable Reduce Motion, for this, tap on Per App Settings > add Home Screen > tap on it to turn on Reduce Motion.

Video Courtesy: YTECHB.com

Now you can easily change icons on your iPhone, if you're also looking for some new wallpapers, then you can tap on below button.


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