Ashutosh Singh

How to Play Games on Netflix App

The popular streaming service Netflix now allows users to play games on the app. They announced the game mode starting this month.

IMG: Netflix

The Game mode is available on both Android & iOS apps. Here’s how to play games on Netflix App.

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Since this is the debut of this new feature on the Netflix app, the game collection is small which is just 6 games. But more games will be available later.

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The game service will be available in the existing plan and therefore does not require any additional plans. There will be no-ads, and not even in-app purchases.

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To Play Games on Netflix app, update your Netflix app to the latest version. Now open the app and you will see the Games option.


Click on Games and if it doesn’t show any list, click on Search and search for Games. It will show all the available games.


Select a game you want to play, then click on Get Game > Go to Play Store/App Store and install the game. That’s it, now you can play that game.


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