How to Integrate Google Lens with Google Chrome

Google Lens is a very useful tool by Google, It allows you to search from the images. And the best part is, now you can get access to the Google Lens directly from Google Chrome. Here's the step by step guide to enable Google Lens in Google Chrome on Android.

To activate this feature, you need to enable a Chrome flag which enables the Google Lens feature on Google Chrome.

Follow the Steps

1. Update the Google Chrome to the latest version. 2. Go to "chrome:flags" 3. Now type, Google lens or lens in the search box. 4. Then, Enable Google lens powered image search in the context menu. 5. Now, Click on Relaunch button. 6. That's it.

After enabling this option, tap and hold on an image which you want to search on the web. Now you'll see a new option in the context menu, which is "Search with Google Lens".

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