Ashutosh Singh

How to get Pixel Watch faces on Galaxy Watch 4 and 5

Oct 14, 2022

Google finally released its first smartwatch which follows the name of Google smartphones. It is named Pixel Watch.

Pixel Watch has been in the talks since the starting of the year. It is one of the most hyped smartwatches this year.

Google Pixel Watch comes with some attractive watch faces that takes the Pixel Watch look to next level.


Fortunately, there is an APK file which includes the bundle of Pixel Watch-faces that users can install on wearOS 3 running watches.


Make sure to enable developer options by tapping 7-8 times on software version. Then open developer options in Settings.

Here are the steps:

Connect your Watch to same WiFi as your PC. Now enable ADB debugging and Debug over WiFi in developer options. Note IP address shown in Debug over WiFi.

Now on your PC, download SDK tools and extract it. Open platform tools folder and open cmd from that location.

IMG: Unsplash

Copy the watchface apk in that folder and rename it to “watchface.apk”. Now run the command: adb connect ‘IP Address’ and allow debugging on Watch.

Enter the command: adb -s "IP address" install watchface.apk Wait for success command.

IMG: Unsplash

Now you will see Pixel Watch-faces available on your smartwatch. There are total 18 watch faces.


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