Ashutosh Singh

Sep 27, 2022

How to get Dynamic Island on any Android

Apple has finally ditched the notch for dynamic island in its iPhone 14 Pro Models.

The Dynamic Island show activities in real time, including a phone call, music, timer, and more.

As one can guess, it is adopted in Android phones. Here you will know how to get Dynamic Island on Android phone.

Install the Dynamic Island App

There are already several apps that can enable Dynamic Island. Here we will be using an app called Dynamic Island.

Dynamic Island will start as soon as a notification is received or any supported activity is triggered.

To activate the dynamic island, you need to grant some required permissions, tap to check all steps.

Open the app and enable the toggle next to Turn On. It will ask for permissions required to show notifications. Grant required permission.

Now go to the Notification tab and enable the toggle if you want to receive Notifications in Dynamic Island view.

You can change the popup settings to your liking in Display and gestures from the Gesture option.

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