Haneet Singh

How to Get $50 discount on the new Galaxy Z Flip 5

August 6, 2023

After a long wait, Samsung launched its latest foldables along with new Galaxy Watch and New Tab series on July 26.

There was a pre-reserve window till the launch date which offered a couple of benefits including $50 discount on the foldable.

In case you missed the Pre-Reservation, you can still get $50 discount along with a free storage upgrade on new Galaxy foldables.

However, the offer is limited till August 10 only. Here's how you can get the $50 off on the new Galaxy devices.

So how does it work? All you have to do is buy the product using the below link and $50 discount will be applied in the Checkout page.

Right now the $50 discount is available only through the affiliate link. So if you check by opening the official site manually, the discount will not appear.

Samsung is also offering some other perks like 4-month YouTube Premium, 2-month of Adobe Lightroom. These perks vary depending on the device.

The $50 discount is only for US users. Not only the Flip 5, you can also claim the $50 discount on Galaxy Z Flip 5, Tab S9 series, or Watch 6.

Those who pre-reserved the device can now redeem $50 discount at Samsung Shop App and Samsung Website.