Ashutosh Singh

How to Enable Low Power mode on Apple Watch

Dec 24, 2023

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Apple Watches are known for accurate health tracking, seamless connectivity between devices and other tasks.

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But one area where Apple Watch doesn't do well is the battery. Apple Watches come with small batteries and so it requires charging everyday.

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watchOS 9 and newer comes with a new Low Power Mode for Apple Watch. Here's how you can enable Low Power Mode on Apple Watch.

So if you are traveling somewhere or want to preserve the battery for longer then you can enable low power mode alternative to power saving.

Swipe Up from the main watch face on your Apple Watch to bring Control Center. Now tap the battery percentage icon.

Here you need to turn on toggle for the Low Power mode option. It will show list where you need to tap Turn On.

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Enabling the low power mode will turn off some features that you get to know when you enable the low power mode.

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To turn off the low power mode, you can follow the same process but this time disable the toggle.

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