Enable Dark Mode in Signal App

How to

Signal is an open source messaging platform which is available on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac & Linux.

The App popularity boosted after the new Privacy rules from WhatsApp appeared. Signal is now the fastest growing Messenger App.

Signal comes with handful of features and more to come. Dark Mode is one of the features which is already available in the App.

And in the App, you can apply Dark Mode in two different methods. Both methods are almost similar to use. Let's start with the first method.

Open Signal App on your Phone. Tap on three dots and select Settings.

Now in Settings go to Appearance option.

Then click on Theme option and select the Dark theme. That's it, close the Settings and enjoy Dark Mode in Signal App.

For the second method, your device need to have the Dark Mode feature. If it is there, turn on the Dark Mode on your phone.

Now in Signal app, go to Appearance Settings and choose System Default theme. It will change the Signal app mode.