Haneet Singh

How to Delete Duplicate Photos on iPhone and Save Storage

Feb 12, 2023

Is your iPhone running out of storage and you want to clear the clutter? Removing duplicate photos lets you save some space on your device. 

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iOS 16 has numerous under-the-hood modifications, one of which is available in the Photos app.

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The Photos app receive a much-needed tool by which you can remove duplicate photos on your iPhone, here's how you can use it to clear some space.

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Open the Photos app on your iPhone running iOS 16 or later, then tap Albums.

Lets Begin

Select Duplicates, under Utilities section, then select the photos which you want to remove or merge.

Once selected, tap Merge option, then choose whether you want to merge all items or exact copies only.

Now it will start merging all duplicate photos which you have selected.

Want to know more about this feature? We have a detailed guide on it in the linked story.

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