Ashutosh Singh

How Much Does The Google Pixel 8a Cost?

May 8, 2024

Pixel 8a is the latest affordable Pixel phone from Google. It is the successor to Pixel 7a.

The affordable A series is known for providing the Pixel experience at a reasonable price.

If you are planning to buy the Pixel 8a, and want to know its prices, here are prices in different regions.

USA - $499 Canada - CA$679 Australia - A$849 India - Rs. 52,999 Japan - ¥72,600 UK - £499 Singapore - SGD799

Pixel 8a 128GB Price

USA - $559 Canada - CA$759 Australia - A$949 India - Rs.59,999 UK - £559 Singapore - SGD899

Pixel 8a 256GB Price

As you may have noticed the Pixel 8a costs exactly the same as Pixel 7a in the US. However it is more expensive than Pixel 7a in some regions.

With some discounts and offers, users can also get Pixel 8 at the same price which is a better option than Pixel 8a.

You should first choose Pixel 8 if the price difference is less, but if the price difference is high you can go for Pixel 8a.