Ashutosh Singh

How much does it cost Apple to make Vision Pro?

March 1, 2024

Early this year, Apple launched its much awaited Mixed Reality headset dubbed Vision Pro.

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No doubt the new product from Apple is the best among AR VR headsets but it also costs a lot compared to others.

The Vision Pro starts from $3500 and for the 1TB variant it's even higher.

A new report reveals how much it cost Apple to make one Vision Pro. Here are the report findings.

The total manufacturing cost (BOM) of Vision Pro is around $1542.

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The most expensive component is the micro OLED main display that cost $456.

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Then comes SoC at $240 followed by Camera at $150.

This is the hardware cost of Vision Pro, but there are additional costs like assembling, marketing and more.

IMG: Apple

However $3500 is still a big amount, more than double of the hardware cost.

IMG: Apple