Ashutosh Singh

How long does the Pixel Watch battery last?

Nov 1, 2022

Video: Google

After a long wait, Google released its first smartwatch, the Pixel Watch, in early October. This is Google's first generation watch.

Pixel Watch comes with powerful hardware and outperforms many smartwatches in the same price segment.

One area where Google should have done better job with the Google Pixel watch is its battery life.

Here's how much the Google Pixel Watch battery lasts. Can it last for 24 hours as advertised by Google.

The Google Pixel Watch is a 41mm watch and packs a 294mAh battery which is about 10mAh more than the 40mm Galaxy Watch 5.

The Google Pixel Watch gives about 18hr to 24hr of battery backup in one charge if AOD is turned off and small amount of other activities.

Battery backup will be different depending on your usage. If you listen to music for a long time, it will drain battery faster.

Also using AOD reduces battery drastically. And if you use Location all the time, you'll notice terrible battery life.

Talking about the LTE model, expect a few hours less than the Bluetooth model as the network eats up more battery.

Google Pixel Watch supports fast charge. It can be charged 100% in 80 minutes and 50% in 30 minutes.

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