Haneet Singh

Sep 9, 2022

How big are 48MP Photos taken on iPhone 14 Pro?

The new iPhone 14 series is official and the iPhone 14 Pro models are the real deal with so many upgrades.

When Apple sent out invites for the Far Out event, it included a wallpaper and based on what we all expected major camera upgrades.

As expected the iPhone 14 Pro gets the best camera setup that Apple has ever put on an iPhone.

48MP Camera

The main camera is of 48MP along with three rear cameras of 12MP. The 48MP camera can capture more details.

More detail means more size. Images captured at 48MP take up three times the space of a 12MP image.

12MP ProRAW photos take up about 25MB of space while 48MP ProRAW photos take up about 75MB of space.

You can choose to take ProRAW photos in either 12MP or 48MP. Night mode, flash and macro photos limited to 12MP.

YouTuber, Sara Dietschy's in her iPhone 14 Pro hands on video check a photo taken with the 48MP sensor. It weighs a whopping 80.4MB in size!

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