Ashutosh Singh

How big are 200MP photos taken on Galaxy S23 Ultra?

Feb 15, 2023

The new Android phone king has already entered the market. Samsung released the Galaxy S23 Ultra earlier this month.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra packs all the latest tech. But if one has to choose its best feature, it is going to be the 200MP camera.

The camera on the Galaxy S23 Ultra is quite good. The Zoom capability on the phone is on another level.

Yes, the Galaxy S23 Ultra can capture amazing photos using its 200MP sensor. But do you know how much space a single photo takes.

It is obvious that with the increase of pixels we get more details in pictures as well as more picture size.

There is an increase in the 200MP picture size but it's not much compared to the 108MP picture.

Many users shared the properties of pictures taken from 200MP camera which gives us enough information about file size.

IMG: Ice Universe

The average size of Galaxy S23 Ultra's 200MP picture is 24MB. So based on detail the size could vary from 17MB or 20MB or more.

IMG: Ice Universe

Talking about the resolution, then the 200MP photos are 12240 X 16320 pixels resolution.