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Here's what Pixel Feature Drop brings on Pixel

Google releases a special bundle of features called Pixel Feature Drop every three months. And the new Pixel Feature Drop is here.

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It is a bit different than the regular incremental updates. Let’s see what comes in the new Dec 2021 Pixel Feature Drop.

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Now Playing (Pixel 4 or newer)

Now you can manually activate Now Playing on the lock screen to find the song that is playing around. You can even save the song.

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The new Pixel Feature Drop also comes with new wallpapers to celebrate the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

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Car Keys (Pixel 6)

You can use the Pixel 6 (Pro) to lock & unlock select cars. Also, you can start your car by placing your phone on the key reader.

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Quick Tap to Snap

You can directly use Quick Tap to take a Snap right from the lock screen. This is available for the Pixel 4a 5G or newer Pixels.

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Car Crash Detection

The Car Crash Detection feature is now available in Taiwan, Italy and France. This is for Pixel 3 or newer (not on Pixel 3a).

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Conversation Mode on Sound Amplifier

It helps the users to listen to the conversation better in the loud environment. It is available as a beta on Pixel phones.

Pixel Feature Drop also includes Ultrawide band (Pixel 6 Pro), improved bass level control for Buds A series, Shortcuts to open Google Assistant.

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