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Here are all iOS 16 Early Leaks


iOS 16 is the next version of iOS which is going to release later this year. Apple has revealed the date of WWDC22.

Video Courtesy: Apple

As we all know Apple releases first beta of its major OS on the same day as the WWDC event. The iOS 16 beta will also release on the same day as WWDC22.


Some leaks have surfaced regarding iOS 16. Here you will know all the iOS 16 Leaks available till now.

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Apple introduced widgets with iOS 14 but these are not interactive widgets. A new leak hints at big size widgets with interactive elements, shared by LeaksApplePro.

Interactive Widgets

IMG: @LeaksApplePro

We all were expecting a home screen redesign but as per source it is not happening this year instead we can see some new icons.

New Icons

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Lock screen Notifications can get some improvements such as notification sorting and different colors for notification bubbles from different apps.


IMG: Apple

Apple could include a new Wallpaper Settings UI that was supposed to come with iOS 14. We can choose different effects for wallpapers and grouped Wallpapers section.

New Wallpaper UI


In iOS 16 we may get an option to see specific webpages in dark mode even if the light mode is applied to the system.

Custom Dark Mode

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So these are some leaks and rumors regarding iOS 16. Let’s see how many features make it to the official iOS 16.

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