Haneet Singh

Google teases new color for Pixel 8 Pro

Jan 21, 2024

While the Galaxy S24 event may be over, there are still many exciting things in store for tech enthusiasts later this year.

IMG: Google

Speaking of new things, Google has recently teased a new color option for the Pixel 8 Pro.

Well, it's not confirmed whether the new color will be exclusive to the Pixel 8 Pro or if it will also be available for the Pixel 8.

The new color is named 'Minty Fresh,' and you can assume from the name how it's expected to look.

Google will launch Pixel 8 Pro in the new color on January 25.

There will also be an event where popular street artist @itsaliving will paint special mural in downtown NYC.

IMG: Unsplash

Those who can and want can visit to see the event live or users can also watch the stream at home.

Just to clarify, the only change you will see in Pixel 8 Pro is the color, rest everything will be the same from design to specs.