Google Stadia vs Amazon Luna


Cloud gaming services seem to be on a rise, given that there several cloud gaming services already available for users to subscribe and play.

Two of the most notable ones are Google’s Stadia and Amazon’s Luna.

Let's check out the comparison

Stadia vs Luna

Google Stadia

Stadia was announced in November 2019. The platform currently has two subscription plans a free plan and a $9.99 Stadia Pro monthly plan.

Stadia Availability

Google Stadia is currently available in around 21 countries and is stated to expand later on to more countries as well.

Amazon Luna

Amazon launched its cloud gaming service, Luna with 2 plans.  Luna+ will cost you $5.99/month and Ubisoft+ subscription will cost $14.99.

Luna Availability

Luna is currently under an invitation basis system and is available only in the US.

Playable Resolution

Stadia supports gameplay at resolutions up to 4K whereas, Luna’s beta access lets you play at a maximum of 1080p.

Controller Support

You can use a PS4 or PS5 controller, the Xbox One and Series X|S ones as well as its own Stadia Controller.

Amazon Luna on the other hands lets players use its Luna Controller, PS4 controller and Xbox One controller.

Game Library

Stadia has a large library of games and new games keep getting added. Whereas on Luna there are games available from 4 publishers.

The Best One!

As of now, Stadia seem to be a favorable candidate all thanks to its game library, availability, 4K support as well as support for various controllers.