Ashutosh Singh

Oct 1, 2022

Google Stadia shutting down see users reaction

Google says goodbye to Google Stadia. Well, there’s no surprise about Google killing off its own projects within a few years.

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The death of Google Stadia was expected when Google stopped developing games for its own cloud gaming platform. 

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Google Stadia will cease to function starting in 2023. Players will however be able to access all games and continue playing them until the 18th of January, 2023. 

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Players who have made any sorts of purchases with regards to stadia such as hardware, games, or in-game content will be refunded.

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As it is with the internet, there's always a flood of people’s reactions. Here are some of the best ones about Google Stadia shutting down.

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The Wii U had a better lifespan than Stadia.

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Stadia’s competitors carrying Stadia to its resting place.

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When you’ve got one less cloud gaming service to worry about.

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Cloud Gaming Supporters!

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A few more!

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People who never cared about Google Stadia be like.

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Once in the cloud, forever in the cloud.

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