Haneet Singh

Sep 14, 2022

Google potato chips are back in Pixel 7 flavors

The upcoming Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro are set to launch at the upcoming Made by Google event on October 6.

Google unveiled the design of upcoming Pixel 7 series phones at its Google I/O event.

Now, Google Japan is running a promotion for the Pixel 7 series through limited Google Original chips.

Google had a similar promotional plan last year that hinted at Google's own Tensor chip and Pixel 6 colors.

IMG: Unsplash

Google is following the same promotion for Pixel 7 series. And it points to the Google Tensor G2 chip and Pixel 7 colors.

Snow Cheese

This flavor pack gets the Pixel 7 Pro camera bar at the top.

Hazel Onion

Same on this package.

Salty Lemon

Salty Lemon pack gets the Pixel 7 camera bar at the top.

Obsidian Pepper

Same on this package.

Google Japan will give chips to 2000 lucky users (randomly picked). The application will be live till September 23, 6PM.

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