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Google Pixel Fold leak reveals display details

IMG: Unsplash (Z Fold)

IMG: Unsplash (Z Fold)

Google Pixel Fold's major leak is out, the new leak reveals information of the display coming in Google's first foldable smartphone.

It is also being said that Pixel Fold will be called Pixel Notepad and not Fold. But this story is not about this leak. Let's talk about the new leak.

IMG: Unsplash

A recent tweet by Ross Young reveals that the Pixel Fold will have the same display as the Galaxy Z Fold 4.

IMG: Unsplash (Z Fold 3)

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 is also an upcoming foldable that will have an internal display of the same size as the upcoming Pixel Fold.

IMG: Unsplash

IMG: Samsung

But the external display, also known as the cover display on the Pixel Fold, will be smaller (5.8-inches) than the 6.19-inches on the Galaxy Z Fold4.

Display Specs!

And this means that the Pixel Fold will have a wider aspect ratio than the Fold 4. The leak does not reveal the release date.

IMG: Unsplash (Pixel 4a)

But we can expect Google to launch it with the next Pixel flagship phone series. We'll be sharing more stories on upcoming leaks.

IMG: Unsplash (Pixel 6 Pro)

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