Ashutosh Singh

Google Pixel Fold fails in Jerry's durability test

July 07, 2023

Pixel Fold is the result of Google’s first attempt to foldable phone. The new phone is already available in the market.

Google Pixel Fold comes with a good design and some good hardware components. But can it survive rough usage and durability test?

Who can be better than Jerry (from JerryRigsEverything YouTube Channel) at performing durability test on a device. He tests durability of almost every popular phones.

The Fold passed some basic tests performed by the YouTuber. But then the device failed miserably.

IMG: @_photojay (Twitter)

Pixel Fold first failed in the heat test. The outer panel sustained a spot which didn’t heal by itself.

Furthermore, when the inner display came into contact with flames, the device immediately shut down and took about a minute to turn on.

Google Pixel Fold didn’t survive the bend test as well. Although the hinge managed to hold other parts of both halves couldn’t hold pressure.

The display stopped working immediately. And the device was in no working condition.