Ashutosh Singh

Google Pixel 8 Pro Real-Life Photos Leaked

July 4, 2023

Almost every day, the Pixel 8 series manages to make headlines, suggesting that Google is struggling to keep the device’s secret.

IMG: Pixel 7 series

There are bunch of leaks that revealed some of the device specs as well as design. The device is still months away from launch.

IMG: Onleaks x Smartprix

Real-life photos of the Pixel 8 Pro have surfaced, offering an in-depth look at the device and revealing additional specifications.

IMG Source: Reddit (Post Removed) 

Leaked photos show the rear view with stickers and the display featuring the fastboot screen. The fastboot screen confirms the device code 'husky'.

IMG Source: Reddit (Post Removed) 

The fastboot screen shows 12GB LPDDR5 RAM and 128GB of storage. The front view further confirms a flat display, unlike previous Pixel phones.

The rear view includes stickers indicating that the device is a test unit intended for evaluation purposes only.

IMG: @Onleaks x Smartprix

The clear view of the back also reveals rounded corners, designed for a better grip. Yes the big camera island is also there with three big cameras.

IMG: @Onleaks x Smartprix

We already know Google Pixel 8 Pro will come with upgraded camera, new colors, better display, and more. See the display specs in linked story.

IMG: Pixel 7 Pro