Ashutosh Singh

Google Pixel 8 Could Get Same Number of Updates as iPhone 15 Pro

August 31, 2023

One of the things that puts Android phones behind the iPhone is software support. Apple has the best software support, no doubt about it.

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Since there are many Android phone OEMs, some are quite good in terms of software support like Samsung and Google, but they also lag behind Apple.

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But it looks like this is going to change. As per latest report, Google might catch up to Apple with Software support policy for upcoming Pixel phone.

The upcoming Pixel 8 series to get five years of OS upgrade and with this, Google leaves behind Samsung and matches iPhones software support.

Currently, Google is giving only three year of OS update support, whereas Samsung gives four year of OS updates to its flagship devices.

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The Pixel 8 series could be the first Android phone with five year of OS upgrade with a few more year of security upgrade.

Probably the Google’s in-house Tensor chip is the reason for this extended software update that Google could achieve with Pixel 8 series.

Other than Samsung and Google, other OEMs hardly achieve this feet. There are some OEMs that give two or three years of update but only to top couple of phones.