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Google Pixel 6a retail box leak reveals Pixel 6 like design

IMG: @Onleaks x 91Mobiles

IMG: Unsplash

Google Pixel 6 is the latest flagship phone series from Google that comes with a new design and power packed performance.

IMG: @Onleaks x 91Mobiles

A few months ago a leak surfaced which was pointing to the fact that the Pixel 6a is an upcoming affordable phone. And later several Pixel 6a leaks surfaced.

IMG: @Onleaks x 91Mobiles

We haven't seen any leaks in the last few weeks. But now a Pixel 6a retail box has leaked, revealing a Pixel 6-like design.


The image comes from an unverified source Techxine. If the leak is true then it's a big leak, as we haven't seen Pixel 6a leaks in a while.

IMG: @Onleaks x 91Mobiles

The rear design of the Pixel 6a is shown in the retail box which looks exactly like the Pixel 6. Experiencing the Pixel 6 would be amazing on a budget.

- Google Tensor SoC - Android 12 OS - 6.2-inch OLED Screen - 12MP + 12MP Rear Camera - 4,800mAh battery

Expected Specs

IMG: @onleaks x 91mobiles

IMG: @Onleaks x 91Mobiles

As this is a leak, we can only expect that the device will match the design, but cannot be sure until an official announcement from Google.

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