Ashutosh Singh

Google I/O 2024 will take place on May 14

March 15, 2024

IMG: Unsplash

Google has announced its upcoming I/O event of this year.

At the I/O event, Google talks about its new software and sometimes also unveils some hardware.

The major announcement that we get to see at the I/O event will be the Android 15 and upcoming Android features.

IMG of Android 13: Unsplash

This year we can also expect the announcement related to AI based software or service from Google.

Last year, Google released Pixel 7a at the I/O event, and it is speculated that Google could launch Pixel 8a at the upcoming I/O event.

The Next Google I/O event is set to take place on May 14.

This is going to be an offline as well as an Online event.

As usual the event will be available to watch on YouTube and Google’s official blog.