Ashutosh Singh

Sep 23, 2022

Google finally shows the front design of Pixel 7

Google Pixel 7 series is less than a month away from the launch. The device is slated to release on October 6.

Google has officially teased the device several times. But the front of the device never showed up.

But earlier this week, Google shared an image on the Pixel Superfans Facebook page. And the image includes the front view of the Pixel 7.

The image was spotted by 9to5google. In the image we can see Pixel watches, new Pixel buds, and Pixel 7’s front and back design.

Going by the image, the display of the Pixel 7 has a slightly less curve than last year's Pixel 6 phone.

Both curved and flat displays have their advantages and disadvantages. Many would prefer the flat edges for convenient use.

Now that the launch of the Pixel 7 is just a few days away, we can see more official pictures about the Pixel 7.

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