Ashutosh Singh

Galaxy Z Fold6 is rumored to be lighter and slimmer

April 3, 2024

Samsung is working on the next gen foldables, one of them is the Galaxy Z Fold6.

IMG: Onleaks x Smartprix

Galaxy Z Fold6 has been in the leak talks many times this year and this trend will keep on going.

IMG: Unsplash

A new leak about the Galaxy Z Fold6 has been shared by popular leakster UniverseIce.

IMG: Onleaks x Smartprix

As per the leak, Galaxy Z Fold 6 will weigh 239g which is 14g lighter than Galaxy Z Fold5 (253g).

The source also reveals the thickness of the upcoming foldable. When opened its 5.6mm thick and 12.1mm when closed.

Galaxy Fold5 is 6.1mm when open and 13.4mm when closed.

No doubt Galaxy foldables are one of the best foldables, but Samsung needed to work on these two aspects.

With these rumored upgrades, Samsung is close to other slim and lighter foldables. But still need more improvement for the crown.