Ashutosh Singh

Galaxy Watch 7 Pro to Come with Bigger Battery

April 4, 2024

Only a few months left before the next gen Galaxy Watches to launch. This year three Galaxy Watches are rumored to launch.

IMG: Unsplash

So, we can expect Galaxy Watch 7, Galaxy Watch 7 Classic, and Galaxy Watch 7 Pro.

IMG: Unsplash

SafetyKorea publication recently spotted EB-BL705ABY battery with a rated capacity of 578mAh was certified by South Korean regulators.

This battery is confirmed to be part of Galaxy Watch 7 series. It is highly likely to be used in the Pro Model.

Why? It’s because Galaxy Watch 5 Pro had nearly the same rated battery (573mAh).

Samsung didn’t release Pro variant last year, instead the company brought back Classic model with smaller battery.

But this year, it’s going to be different. Also rumors suggest out of these three one will come in rectangular design.

If classic model come with rotating bezels, then it will not be rectangular. Then rectangular model will be from either base model or the Pro model.