Ashutosh Singh

Galaxy S24 could feature thinner bezels and LTPO Display

August 1, 2023

Samsung Galaxy S series are premium phones and come with top class specs but they also come at premium price tag.

And we all know that the next big launch from Samsung will be the upcoming Galaxy S-series flagship devices.

Yes, there is still more than half a year left for the launch, but leaks of the Galaxy S24 series have already started appearing. Samsung seems to be really bad at keeping secrets.

According to a recent leak, the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24+ could feature narrower bezels compared to the Galaxy S23 and S22 series.

IMG: Unsplash

Well it may not beat some top phones in terms of narrow bezels, but still some improvements will improve the experience.

IceUniverse also shared that the design language of the Galaxy S24 Ultra will be similar to Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Another big leak regarding Galaxy S24 series is also related to the display of Galaxy S24 series. Galaxy S24/S24+ will have LTPO display.

The LTPO display was used on Ultra models since S21 Ultra, and finally it will come to the other two models in the series.